Prototyping Tools is a website that helps you to compare design prototyping tools for apps and websites.

There are so many prototyping tools for design that it’s almost impossible to keep track. And when you come across a new one, before long, you forget you ever found it.

When you start a design, it is imperative to evaluate the best approach for your project. That’s when you start to comb through all the prototyping options out there in an effort to make the best decision possible.

What’s Your Criteria?

For this platform, I’ve considered prototyping tools made for projects with at least a small amount of interaction and that, ideally, are focused on interface design.

I will be updating the list periodically as time goes on. At some point, I may add in a section on wireframe design tools as well.

Why Beta?

I’ve approached this platform in an agile manner, meaning a few things are still in the works. What I believe will be needed in the future is:

  1. Fixed table headers
  2. Open-source the project
  3. A web responsive version
  4. Column order
  5. Filters
  6. 'Automatic' tool recommendations
  7. An improved mechanism for contact me and suggesting tools


Have you found this platform useful? Consider collaborating in its development and implementing one of the above mentioned functions.

You can also send your opinions, suggestions and ideas or send me an email me about a new tool that’s not on the list.

About the Author

Javier 'Simón' Cuello is a UX designer specializing in mobile. Currently residing in Barcelona, Cuello has worked on app design projects for companies like Zara, Telefónica and Yahoo. He is the co-author of Designing Mobile Apps.